Minou! | 2010 - 2012  





Les fetes des fetes!


If you love the sights of 1940's Paris, the sounds of Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet, and the exquisite taste of French food…this is the night for you and the lover closest to your heart or bank account!


MINOU! is a private night of dinner Cabaret held in a discrete location in charming Clintonville. Each special night will feature an exquisite petite plate Nuvo-French tasting menu, presented on the finest antique dinnerware by an impeccable service staff. The program and menu for each month will be posted on this blog complete with a list of upcoming performers and guest artists.


Each event is limited. Twelve guests (maximum of six two-top reservations) will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.


A dress code will be strictly enforced. Gentlemen are expected to wear a suit and tie, bow tie or cravat, slacks, and hard-soled shoes. Ladies are expected to don formal dress wear with appropriate footwear. Hats and other accessories are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.


Aperitif starts promptly at 7pm. Upon your arrival, our friendly maitre d’ will greet you. Dinner will begin at 7:30. Late arrivals are highly frowned upon.



Our Concept


MINOU! is a full dinner cabaret production. We are highly committed to local/regional, organic, ethical, and sustainable food. Each fixed menu will feature a detailed list of food purveyors and vendors on the playbill. Please inform us of any food allergies or restrictions when you make a reservation. We will happily make arrangements for your evening.


We also seek to further the patronage of local art cultures and are excited to provide an environment where artists can test their new work in the company of people who understand and appreciate their practice.


Dinner will consist of six to eight petite-plate servings paced evenly throughout the duration of the evenings performances. A selection of audio and visual art pieces will take place in the dining area while guests enjoy the culinary delights from our chef. The approximate length of the evening’s festivities is three hours, though the night will last as long as the night demands.


The resident chef at MINOU! is Keida Mascaro.  Mascaro moved to Columbus to complete his MFA at The Ohio State University in photography and videography.  While living in Los Angeles as a filmmaker, he owned and operated a specialty catering company to support his art practice.  His list of clientele includes Rod Stewart, Quentin Tarantino, Sharon Stone, and Patricia Arquette, to name a few.


Wine pairings will be recommended by our guest sommelier Gideon Miller. You may, although not recommended, elect to bring any beverage of your choice. There will be no corkage fee as the embarrassment of being seen with a bottle of "boon's farm" on your table to save $50 will be punishment enough.


A driver can be provided for responsible transportation for an extra fee.


Prices for the evening’s events are:


$150 per person with wine pairing.


To reserve a table for an event, please email to the address below:



Make sure to include the following information:


Full name of guests


Phone number


Any special culinary instructions


Notification of a personal celebration (birthdays, anniversaries, divorces)


We may accommodate organized parties of twelve guests with their choice of preferred date. Price, performances, and menu depend on date and availability.


Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to your visit!




In the summer of 2010 I had just finished graduate school and I was desperately needing to make some art that wasn't in the realm of academic art.  Though not interested at all in getting back into the chef game, I knew many wonderful artists in town, and I thought of how there were so few ways for the artists in Columbus to display their work that wasn't a dreaded Short North gallery or an academic institution.


Around this time there were a few rumblings of pop-up dinners in New York, and my head began spinning ideas that incorporated my love of food and performance art.  I also love the idea of curating a show of a roster of different artists, so borne was the idea of Minou!


From my days of teaching at OSU I had developed a healthy pool of talent, all who were young and eager to show their work to a more sophisticated crowd of art connoisseurs.  That contingent doesn't really exist in Ohio, but we could pretend, and we did.  We put on 6 or 7 nights of Minou! where everything from the floor to the ceiling was carefully planned for.  Antique stoneware plates, silver plated silverware, cotton linens, 2 waitresses, a maitre d', a sommelier, an artisan boulanger, a house hobo jazz band, dancers, poets, singers, puppeteers, and me as chef.


The night was legendary.  7 petite plate courses with a wine pairing.  Now it needs to happen in a town that knows what the hell dinner cabaret is.