(13) thirteen | 2012  



13 (thirteen) Full Length Film




(13) thirteen DVD/CD Design


The story of this amazing "happening" is a long one, so I will give you the Cliff Notes version...



* David Francis Smith is a poet who has had an eclectic life, which includes cab driving in NYC and a stint as a mayor in a small town in southern Ohio, among many other amazing things!





(I banged on a toy piano and made wind sounds with my mouth as my musical contribution.)


This is where it gets really interesting.


The day of recording it was a miserable 100+ degrees outside, and the heat rendered David limited on performance time.  My intention was to capture the live element we had so well mastered at MINOU!  It was not to be.  So we decided hastily to record David first, let him go, and then record a live track (per poem) after every first listen, all thirteen of them.


What you will be listening to is the FIRST TAKE of each piece!  The experience was amazing, track after track, composing on a whim, each musician throwing their ideas into the hat and the whole 3-hour adventure happened without incident!


A few days later Joey and I made a first master cut of the tracks and voila!





Video stills by Keida Mascaro